General information (For Store Credits and Exchanges)


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can either return your order for a Store Credit or exchange it for something else.

Returned or exchanged products must be unworn, unsoiled or laundered, with all ticketing, tags and protective shields attached, in the condition you received them and in the original box and/or packaging.

Be sure to include the STORE CREDIT/EXCHANGE form with your name, address and order number or customer number, indicating the items you are returning and any other pertinent information. We will appreciate if you let us know the reasons you have for your return. Any feedback will always help us improve. This form is sent to you once you write to ventasonline@ellipselingerie.com telling us that you want to make an exchange or get a Store Credit.


Our clothing in sale and with any discount or sold in outlets, as well as panties, bodies, accessories and socks cannot be returned nor changed


Ellipse will not be held responsible for item(s) lost or damaged in transit.

Any merchandise returned to Ellipse after the allowed time stated in our policy, will be returned to the customer and an additional shipping fee will be charged.

Ellipse will ship all soiled, worn, laundered and damaged items back to the customer, as we can no longer re-sell the merchandise.


When do we have a quality issue?


  1. Defective clasps.

  2. Ripped threads

  3. Misplaced wires

  4. Stains in the silk or faded colors

  5. Shrunken garments

  6. Silk with ripped threads

  7. Broken loaders

  8. Bra cups that come stripped since fabricated – it doesn’t apply on garments that were not washed carefully or with our specifications.

  9. Incomplete garments


Washing and care recommendations


  1. Hand wash them very carefully and in a delicate way. Only cold water with liquid soap for delicate garments, with no bleach or corrosive agents.

  2. Do not let them soaking or twist.

  3. Do not let them dry in sunny places and avoid hooks and tweezers that can damage laces and bra cups: do not fold, iron, and twist. We recommend to extend the garment to make the drying easier.

  4. Never use the washing or drying machine, nor wash in hot water. Do not use brushes and when putting them in the closet, ectend the cups and put one bra on top of the other.